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What Should We Think of Planned Parenthood?

Once, after hearing a speaker at a large public meeting claim that Planned Parenthood offered women nothing but abortions, I wrote a column disputing that assertion. It was an obvious distortion, and needed to be challenged. Now it’s Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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Dignity is not the result of circumstances

Whenever I faced a challenge as a boy, my leatherneck dad would say to me: “You can do this standing on your head.” It didn’t matter what “this” happened to be – football tryouts, trigonometry, passing a driver’s test – … Continue reading

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What Ashley Madison can teach us

The now-famous Ashley Madison website marketed itself with the slogan, “30 million members can’t be wrong.” Maybe they ought to rethink that. The site currently claims “Over 40,915,000 anonymous members!” One wonders how accurate that number is now, particularly the … Continue reading

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Back to the present: how future Americans will see us

When reading European authors from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, one frequently runs across descriptions of America and Americans. Americans are either burly, uncultured, do-it-yourselfers or rich, ambitious, self-made men. As a nation America is emotional and reckless, … Continue reading

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