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What Teleportation Teaches Us About Our Entanglement With Christ

When news broke this summer that Chinese scientists had engineered the successful “teleportation” of a photon over a distance greater than 300 miles, Star Trek fans around the globe rejoiced. It was, however, a belated celebration: teleportation has been around … Continue reading

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The Gap Between the Self We Imagine and the Self We Are

There is more to any person than he or she realizes. As C. S. Lewis put it in the sermon he titled, “The Weight of Glory”: “You have never talked to a mere mortal…it is immortals whom we joke with, … Continue reading

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Holy Communion

What happens at the Communion Table is rich and full of mystery. As people try to sort through the various explanations – Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation, Real Presence, Zwingli Memorialism, and more – they sometimes miss a simple but powerful truth: the … Continue reading

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Need Help Getting Ready for Christmas?

If you’re been wrapping presents but haven’t really wrapped your head around Christmas yet, you might want to listen to the Christmas sermons from Decembers 4 (The Story Behind the Story), December 11 (The Man from Heaven) and December 18 … Continue reading

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Peacemakers Can Change the Calculus of Violence

This article is not meant to be controversial, though it does address a controversial topic: guns, mass shootings, the gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby. I offer no solution to the current debates over gun legislation and am not even … Continue reading

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Why the Universe Has Wiggle Room

The renowned physicist John Archibald Wheeler summed up his long and illustrious career under three headings – three thematic periods that characterized his work. He called the first period, “Everything is Particles.” This covered the time when he worked alongside … Continue reading

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New Series

I’ve been preaching a new series on prayer at Lockwood Community Church in Coldwater, Michigan. It began on June 26, and you can hear that first message (titled, “Who Do You Think You’re Talking To?”) at Others in the … Continue reading

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