Should’ve Listened Suite, by Shayne Looper




He Is Able. Written by Shayne Looper. Kevin Looper, piano; Marv Robertson, bass and vocals; Ed Miller, lead guitar; Shayne Looper, guitar and lead vocal. (Be patient. It takes about 20 seconds before the music starts.)

Late in the Night. Written by Joel Looper, performed by Cellar Door (Ryn Farmer, Caleb Farmer and Joel Looper.

The music on this site is all original, written by family, friends or by me. Most of it will not be professionally recorded and some of it will be a first-try, single track recording. I will add new songs every once in a while, so check this page regularly.

I’m publishing this music here for fun and for your enjoyment. Contact the artists if you would like to purchase CDs or EPs (though some of the music will only be available here).

Let me know what you think – or better, let the songwriters know.

Most Prayers by Joel Looper, performed by Cellar Door (Caleb Farmer, bass; Ryn Farmer, vocals; Joel Looper, guitar)

He’s the Rose by Dan Hefner, performed by Dan and Barb Hefner

Who’s a God Like You? by Kevin Looper, performed by Kevin and Beth Loooper


8 Responses to Music

  1. David Johnson says:

    Really enjoyed your blog and the music


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  3. David Goodwin says:

    I read your July 9th article in the Hattiesburg American (Mississippi). You are so right on! In this COVID-19 environment, it is so important to do as much as possible to maintain community.


  4. Tena timmer says:

    I read your articles in the Holland Sentinel whenever they appear! I like your opinions! Thanks!


  5. Donnie M. says:

    I listened to “Suite” and “He Is Able.” I wrote this song over the past ten years (nobody can accuse me of being a “prolific” songwriter). I hope you enjoy it!


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