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Doubt Roots Deeply in a Closed Mind

Faith is one of Christianity’s cardinal virtues. St. Paul ranks it alongside hope and love as something that will survive the end of the age. Christians are taught that they are justified by faith and must learn to live by … Continue reading

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How to Set Your Heart on Things Above

Craig Larson tells about driving to work in a suburb of Chicago and seeing an SUV with the words Texas Longhorns prominently displayed on the spare tire case. The trailer hitch was adorned with a steer-head. The license plate frame … Continue reading

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Formed and Deformed: the Spiritual Formation of David

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Justice Offers Forgiveness but not Escape

I once called on a mother of two girls who were in our little mission church’s Sunday School. I was nervous about what I had to say. Her daughters were both out of control, disrupting Sunday School classes and even … Continue reading

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David and Goliath: Root and Fruit

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The Christian Mind

A Jesus-follower’s mind is to be filled with things above: God’s will, his gifts, his character, his plans for us.  People who have been connected to Christ, who have undergone the Great Transition (who have received God’s own life through … Continue reading

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David and Goliath: Seeing Beyond the Appearances

(We had technical problems this week and so the video is not yet – and may never be – available. If we can get audio or video, I will post it later in the week.) This one of the most … Continue reading

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Let’s Close the Looney Tunes School of Theology

The picture of heaven that floats around in most people’s minds is more dependent on Saturday morning cartoons than it is the Bible. When Elmer Fudd gets blown to bits and finds himself in heaven, what do we see? Forlorn … Continue reading

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Pulling the Lever: The Content and Connection of Faith

Theology is not meant to fill our heads but to better our lives. Theologians tell us that when a person trusts in Jesus Christ a great transition takes place in his or her life. That person is literally connected to … Continue reading

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Falling Away: A Before and After Picture

In this sermon, we look at the reasons behind King Saul’s “lifeslide.” We then consider what we can do to follow a different path.

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