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Look Into the Life and Times of God

(Reading Time: 3 to 4 minutes.) I bought two side tables for our bedroom, the kind made of pressed woods and veneer, and assembled them myself. They came with step by step instructions, complete with diagrams. Somehow, I could never … Continue reading

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Is Christian Lifestyle Instruction Odd?

It is easy to forget how odd some of the things serious Christians say and do must seem to people who are not familiar with the faith. I suspect there are times when people think Christians must be from another … Continue reading

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Just Ask (Matthew 7:7-11)

Does God want to answer our prayers by giving us what we ask for? The answer the biblical writers give is a resounding yes. Then are the prosperity gospelers right? What about the “name it, claim it” crowd? And, if … Continue reading

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Watch Out for “Christian” Nationalism

Briefly defined, nationalism is an attitude that gives priority of place and standing to the nation. Nationalists subordinate other commitments to that of supporting the nation and seeking its wellbeing. This differs from patriotism, for a patriot can honor and sacrifice for their country without elevating its importance above other primary commitments. Continue reading

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Don’t Lose Heart – Pray! (Humility and Prayer)

This is the first message in a series titled, Don’t Lose Heart – Pray! This message on James 4:1-10 explores the foundational link between effective prayer and humility.

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Do Not Wait for the Last Judgment

In the Gospel of John, Jesus says, “For judgment I have come into the world.” Yet, later in the same Gospel, he says, “I did not come to judge the world.” Did Jesus contradict himself? Did he come to judge … Continue reading

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The History and Mystery of the Gospel (Biblical Theology Class)

Did Jesus preach the gospel? Did he preach a different gospel than Paul? Was there a gospel in the Old Testament? What did Paul mean when he spoke of the mystery of the gospel? These and other questions are addressed … Continue reading

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Forgiveness: How to Forgive

How can we forgive? This message explores the answer to that question by offering biblical instruction from Colossians 3. This is the second of two messages on the subject. The first can be found here.

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Is Christianity Hard or Easy?

Is Christianity hard or easy? That was the question C. S. Lewis asked and helpfully answered almost 80 years ago. Lewis believed that Christianity is hard – impossible even – if approached from one direction, and easy – or at … Continue reading

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Family: It’s Role in God’s Loving Purpose

Kevin Looper explores the connection between family relationships and God’s relationships with people. The family, he contends, was designed by God to express his love for humans and reveal what he desires in a relationship with them.

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