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We look to the beginning, to creation, and then turn our gaze to the end, to the judgment and beyond, and at both the beginning and the end, we find the same figure. Continue reading

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Love a Spouse Can Trust

Larry King didn’t need wives. He needed tropical fish. He needed something pretty that didn’t talk back, didn’t demand his attention. Continue reading

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Slow to Anger (James 1:19-21)

Is anger negatively impacting your life? This 26-minute sermon may help. Just click and listen.

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Wide Angle

On the plains of Peru there is a network of strange lines made by an ancient people known as the Nazea. Some of these lines cover as many as ten square miles. For years archeologists assumed that the lines were … Continue reading

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A Horror Story

But sin not only follows us; it follows us with a hatchet. Sin commits patricide and matricide: it kills the people who brought it into existence. Continue reading

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Is it Wrong for Christians to Evangelize?

Christ’s spokesmen are not salespeople, trying to talk folks into doing something they would rather not do. Continue reading

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Something’s Missing

Do you ever feel like something’s missing? There is a reason for that. Something is missing: you! Continue reading

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New Feature: Broken Pieces

His goal is to get you to commit without giving you anything in return. Continue reading

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Do We Need a Religionless Christianity?

“Do the people really not know that one can do as well or better without “religion”—if only it weren’t for God himself and his word?” Continue reading

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