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Are we hardwired to believe in God?

There have been repeated studies over recent years that have suggested that humans are hard-wired for religion, including Dean Hamer’s book-length treatment, “The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired Into Our Genes.” Scientists have linked structures within the limbic system … Continue reading

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There is no substitute for understanding

Most drivers have no idea what happens when they turn the key in their car’s ignition. They don’t know how turning the key makes the car move. They don’t understand the battery’s role in the process, or the operation of … Continue reading

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And We Thought We’d Ordered Prime Rib

When we would sit down for our evening meal, my dad, who was an old Leatherneck, would often say, “Well, you see what you fought yourself to.” His combat metaphor was meant, I think, to impress on us the idea … Continue reading

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Life of Joseph sermons now available

Check out the From the Pulpit page for a link to the latest series of sermons (and my foray into a narrative preaching style.)

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Use the Right Tools for the Job

  Millions of people have experienced the value of a rich and healthy spirituality. Yet everyone knows someone whose religion has not only not helped him, but has made him worse. How is it that one person finds treasure in … Continue reading

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