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No one needs another reason to be angry

Pundits keep telling us that Donald Trump has succeeded thus far by tapping into a deep-seated anger within the electorate. A CBS poll seems to bear this out: Mr. Trump enjoys a double-digit lead among voters who self-identify as angry. … Continue reading

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The one thing we cannot lose

Christianity Today recently ran an article by history professor Susan Lim about the faith of the Founding Fathers, featuring a brief account of the life of Alexander Hamilton. It was timely: Broadway’s unlikely hip-hop hit musical based on the patriot’s … Continue reading

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Looks like I forgot…

Hey, I just realized I haven’t kept up to date on sermons. Sorry about that Here’s the new link: If you’re interested, check it out for the latest sermons, including this week’s message from 1 Corinthians 13 titled, “Sorry, … Continue reading

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A humbler approach to the Bible

My doctor referred me to a vascular surgeon for a consult. The surgeon’s assistant led me to an examination room and went over my paperwork, asked a bunch of questions, then told me I’d have to strip down to my … Continue reading

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Bible reading for rugged individualists

(Note: The effects of strident individualism on theology generally and on biblical interpretation specifically deserves a more developed treatment. I hope this article will wet some readers appetite to go further. ) Herbert Hoover, that stalwart Republican champion of smaller … Continue reading

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Just a reminder…

You can listen to sermons at Just click “Media.” For the past few months, we’ve been working our way through what may be the oldest composition in the New Testament: 1 Corinthians. It’s been interesting. If you have a … Continue reading

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