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Key # 2: No Turnovers (listening time: 22:19) Families can allow “turnovers” – losses of opportunities that take away their chance of achieving something for God. In this sermon, we learn five causes for “turnovers”: when we get lazy; when we’re just going through the motions; when … Continue reading

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Return to Sender (James 5:13-20) In James 5:13-20 we see that the life that is “finished and whole” (James 1:4) is one where God is our center. Whatever’s going on at the periphery of our lives – whether really bad or really good, calm … Continue reading

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IF: An Easter Message

Our “If only” regrets are not always about what we have done or not done. Sometimes they are about what God has done or, especially, not done. Continue reading

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Can’t Wait to Be Patient: A look at James 5:7-12

God is not willing to sacrifice your future to ease your present … He will make things right; you can depend on it. But, better by far, he will make you right – just don’t short-circuit what he is doing. You must be patient. You must trust him. Continue reading

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Money Talks – and it is talking about you!

It’s a blabbermouth, really; always talking about the person who has it and, for the most part, telling the truth. In that way, it is like a child, talking about his or her parents. Continue reading

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Wise Guy: The Two Kinds of Wisdom in James 3 (listening time: 25:24) Who is wise? Who’s got the answers? Who knows how to live the good life? Before you can answer the question “Who is wise?” you need to clarify which kind of wisdom you are talking about. … Continue reading

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Dying of Loneliness: Faith Without Works A sermon on James 2:14-26 (25 minutes).

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