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Are People Basically Good?

Lewis’s reasoning was, as usual, spot on. But I, who have quoted Lewis more often than any other source, save the Bible itself, am forced to admit that the premise on which he founds his argument is faulty. He is assuming that total depravity means absolute depravity, which is not what most theologians mean by the term. Continue reading

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Prayer: Where the Battle Is Won

I don’t think I’ve ever begun a sermon with a quote from The Art of War before, but I did this one. Sun Tzu said, “Every battle is won before it is ever fought.” Jesus proved it true through life … Continue reading

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The Key to Knowing Oneself

The biblical writer cannot understand why God is interested in humans. Indeed, God goes beyond showing interest; he positively cares for them. In our era of self-worship, this seems an odd question. Why would God not care for humans, who are so intelligent, noble, and good? Continue reading

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They Prayed: Prayer Together (Acts 4:23-31)

When a group is so led by the Spirit, a remarkable thing occurs. Though various individuals speak, only one prayer comes through them. When that happens, people don’t lift their voices; they lift a voice; and it is the true voice of the Body of Christ. Continue reading

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