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Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence

In our day, when so many people are “deconstructing” their faith, this warning to the Hebrews seems very contemporary. If faith can be deconstructed, it should be, and the clutter – the pietistic flotsam and jetsam carried on the tide of faith – thrown out. But the rash way in which some people are going about it almost guarantees that beliefs that warrant keeping will be discarded. Continue reading

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The Ultimate Hero’s Journey: The Story of Jesus (Phil. 2:1-11)

When my son Kevin preaches, people take notes – including me. I’ve learned so much from him! It’s funny: ten or so years ago, when a staff position opened at our church and Kevin asked if I thought it was … Continue reading

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The Telescoping Reality (Luke 2:1-14)

Have you seen a telescoping spyglass? There is a wide cylinder in which a narrower cylinder rests, in which a yet narrower cylinder rests, and perhaps several more. I think our view of reality is likewise telescoping. We live in the narrow end and view our world through the lens of our own experiences. But we and our experiences are contained within a family circle, and our family circle exists within a community, and our community exists within a nation, and our nation exists within a world. Continue reading

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