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Can Hope Be Found in Present-Day America?

I was once on a college campus for a conference that featured a prominent biologist as a keynote speaker. During his talk, he defended Darwinian evolutionary theory from attacks by other academics. Whether his defense was successful or not was … Continue reading

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Are we hardwired to believe in God?

There have been repeated studies over recent years that have suggested that humans are hard-wired for religion, including Dean Hamer’s book-length treatment, “The God Gene: How Faith Is Hardwired Into Our Genes.” Scientists have linked structures within the limbic system … Continue reading


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The real problem with inventing gods

Some years ago I attended a conference on Intelligent Design (I.D.). The organizers invited speakers who championed I. D. theory and others who opposed it. The highlight of the conference was a debate between an internationally-known proponent of I.D. and … Continue reading

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