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Wide Angle

On the plains of Peru there is a network of strange lines made by an ancient people known as the Nazea. Some of these lines cover as many as ten square miles. For years archeologists assumed that the lines were … Continue reading

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A Horror Story

But sin not only follows us; it follows us with a hatchet. Sin commits patricide and matricide: it kills the people who brought it into existence. Continue reading

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Something’s Missing

Do you ever feel like something’s missing? There is a reason for that. Something is missing: you! Continue reading

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New Feature: Broken Pieces

His goal is to get you to commit without giving you anything in return. Continue reading

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Pray by Listening – Guest Post

by Kevin Looper There once was a man who hated his job.  Every day as he pulled into the parking lot of his work, he would pray, “God, I hate my job! My boss is a jerk.  My coworkers are … Continue reading

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Is the World Getting Crazier? (Probably Not)

Is the country headed down the tubes? It sure seems that way. The sanity quotient is going down and the spitefulness quotient is going up. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming. Consider, for example, the U.S. diplomat who mentioned D-Day as … Continue reading

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God and Judgment in the #Me Too Era

Oprah Winfrey once explained that a sermon was the immediate cause of her departure from the orthodox Christian faith. In his Sunday message,her pastor Jeremiah Wright read and then exposited an Old Testament text in which God portrays himself as … Continue reading

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The Story We’re In Isn’t About Ease and Security

Until Christians understand why they’re here, they will not understand what they should be doing. Continue reading

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Snake-Handling: The Christian’s Relationship to Money

Christians think differently about money – or at least they should. You can listen to the recent message titled Snake-Handling (on Christians and money) here:

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A God Veiled in Time and Space

Read my recent article, which first appeared on 10/23/2018 on Christianity Today. Here’s the link, if you’d prefer to go to the C.T. site: When I read that songwriter Michael Gungor told his wife, Lisa, “I don’t believe in God … Continue reading

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