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Seven Reasons to Commit to Christ (Col. 1:15-20)

This message was especially encouraging to people. If it encourages you, please let me know by leaving a comment. – Shayne The vision statement at Lockwood Church describes the reality we hope to see in this way: Committed: to Christ, … Continue reading

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Grinched! (Spiritual Experiences Are Not Enough)

(Viewing Time: 21:14.) On Christmas Eve we put on an original (and fun) skit that featured the Grinch of Dr. Seuss fame who was being interviewed on The Jenny Carson Show. In the highlight of the interview, the Grinch says, … Continue reading

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Committed to Christlikeness

This sermon is from Romans 8:28-30, and treats the Christian’s commitment to becoming Christlike.

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Join Our Church's Worship Time

Like millions of others, we are streaming today’s (abbreviated) worship service. If you’d care to join us, just go to http://www.lockwoodchurch.org and click the link titled, “Click for Links.” It will be on YouTube and Facebook at 11:00 AM. Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene’s and John bar Zebedee’s Easter Stories

The following is a piece I wrote for Lockwood Community Church’s 2016 Easter Sunrise Service. The actors, Sarah Asher and Glenn Snapp, made the script better than it is, but I share it with you anyways in the hope you’ll … Continue reading

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