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The Birth of the Messiah (Biblical Theology Class #14)

In this class, we look at the biblical birth narratives and at the major Old Testament prophecies that speak of the Messiah’s birth.

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Christmas and the God of Surprises

Christmas is proof that God loves surprises. According to the prophet Isaiah, God had promised to bring light to people living in darkness, joy to replace sorrow, and freedom from the burden of oppression. He would do this by sending someone to rule with justice and spread peace everywhere. What is surprising about that? That the someone he was sending would be a baby. Continue reading

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Christmas Is Really Act 2

Can’t get enough of Christmas? You’ll love the prequels and sequels. It is the season for prequels and sequels. Mary Poppins is the big sequel this year. It’s the first year since 2012 that there hasn’t been a hobbit or … Continue reading

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