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Avoid the Shortcuts (Following Christ Today)

This class follows Jesus’s warning against using religion to build a reputation. The instruction he gives is straightforward: Be careful not to do your righteousness before people to be seen by them. The temptation to build a reputation – to … Continue reading


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Don’t Use Religion to Impress People

One of the most influential teaching sessions in history took place on a mountainside – possibly because of the acoustics – and is known as the Sermon on the Mount. It is not a sermon in the modern sense of … Continue reading

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A Little Exercise in Talking to Oneself

Please share in the comment section what advise you would give to your younger self – we’d appreciate hearing it. In his 1972 short story, The Other, Jorge Luis Borges pictures himself in Cambridge, MA, sitting on a bench overlooking … Continue reading

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Don’t pull the rug out from under your faith

Why do I believe in God while other, equally (or more) intelligent people from a similar background and education do not? Why does faith stick to some people and slide off others? Why do some people have faith while others … Continue reading

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